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What is the difference between the private and corporate fuel card?

Do you want to set up a fuel card for your company and have come across an offer directly from a petrol station? Don't be fooled, such a fuel card is usually aimed primarily at consumers. How do fuel cards differ?

What is the difference between the private and corporate fuel card?

Petrol station fuel card vs. loyalty fuel card  

Most petrol stations offer a fuel card that can be topped up and then used to make payments, a fuel card is usually a prepaid card that allows you to fill up on more favourable terms. However, with a petrol station loyalty card, you can collect loyalty points for the fuel you fill up, which you can then use to get a benefit - either a discount on the price of fuel or free snacks etc. The fuel discount cannot usually be used when paying with a fuel card. Discounts and other benefits can be redeemed when paying by another method (most commonly credit card or cash).

With few exceptions, such a fuel card can only be used within the domestic network of the petrol stations. Through fuel cards, petrol stations incentivise customers to fill up primarily with their fuel.

So if you are a private individual and want to save money on petrol, a fuel card from a petrol station in your city may be a good option for you. However, companies with larger fleets look for a slightly different product under the term fuel card.

Fuel cards for non-business (B2C) customers are offered by various companies - you can top up the money on your card and then pay at the stand with a discount.

Fuel cards for companies are a comprehensive service  

For companies with their own fleet, the Eurowag fuel card offers many benefits. First and foremost, it simplifies administration.

With our fuel card, you can easily pay for fuel in more than 25 European countries. More than 15,000 service stations in these countries are connected to our system. The driver doesn't need to carry any cash, and the problem of different currencies in different countries is eliminated. In addition to fuel, the Eurowag fuel card also simplifies the payment of tolls.

The fuel card also includes a web application, which is mainly used by the company's administrative staff. As multiple fuel cards can be used simultaneously (e.g. a specific employee or vehicle can have its own card), it is possible to analyse the data in detail.

The accounting team, in turn, will welcome the fact that they do not have to process hundreds of receipts from petrol stations each month. Instead, there is only one summary payment to Eurowag - depending on the specific tariff, either in advance or even retrospectively for the previous period.

A fuel card should not be missing in any company that operates cars, vans, buses or trucks.

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