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Smart Mobility Hackathon 2019

Sixty three digital enthusiasts from 13 different countries all around the world competed against each other in the third edition of the Smart Mobility Hackathon Prague in the weekend of 12-14 March 2019, where Eurowag was actively involved as a partner on a par with PRE, SKODA AUTO DigiLab, innogy and other companies.

Smart Mobility Hackathon 2019

What is a hackathon?

Hackathon is an event typically lasting several days where a group of information technology students are engaging to come up with a solutions and ideas for the modern-day challenges. For instance, the "Like" button on Facebook or the first version of the startup to share Airbnb was born at hackathon.  It is clear that smart mobility is one of the global issues and this Hackathon was specifically organized to encourage best “programming” minds from all over the globe, to inspire them to create usable software or functioning hardware for a smart method for managing mobility.

In cooperation with PRE, Eurowag asked participants to find a new, unique solutions for the users and operators of the electric cars in the challenge called - Experience eMobility on the road. Two mentors represented by Petr Füzék, the Head of eMobility and Alternative Fuels department and Jaroslav Altmann Managing Director of Telematics department, awarded “Q” team with special Eurowag prizes (Eurowag Fuel cards charged for 200 Euros, valid in all European countries and smart watches to each of the team members) for combining data from electric cars equipped with PRINCIP telematics and from the smart public charging stations of PRE. Teams had a chance to drive Volkswagen eUp electric car with installed telematics and also experience the charging of the car at some of the fast charging stations by themselves, for introspection and better understanding of the task.

Here in Eurowag we are always looking for a fresh ideas and welcome innovative proposals to help to improve smart mobility solutions and to support young talents in realization of their bold and modern ideas. That’s why we were happy to take part in the event like Smart Mobility Hackathon Prague.

Progress doesn’t stand still and Eurowag is moving with the times.